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The ongoing global pandemic has drastically changed our work pattern and management style. It has a widespread impact on the economy, with creating serious challenges for corporate houses and investors. Simultaneously, the pandemic has also opened paths for exciting opportunities.

To survive and grow in this turbulent environment, organisations are required to radically change their work pattern, management process and transaction procedure.

Here, ‘VRSamadhan’ has some solutions for corporate houses to effectively manage their work of Finance & Accounting, Payroll, HR Activities etc., while retaining cost optimisation.

The pandemic has also affected the life of individuals, both socially and economically. Taking this situation into consideration, "VRSamadhan" is coming up with some value-oriented Retail products and services, available at home, with cost-effective features for the security of individuals and their family.

Our Retail products and services for Individuals are wealth management (D-Mat Account, Mutual Funds and other investment suggestions) , Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Accident Policy, Travel Insurance, Term Insurance, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Travel Booking, Holiday Package (Domestic or International), ITR Filing etc., for rendering safety to the people at low price.



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